Daring Dilwala (2016) Full HD Movie in Hindi Dubbed | Latest Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Daring Dilwala (2016) Full HD Movie in Hindi

Nakul plays Vishnu, who encounters Maya (Nikesha Patel) on the train. He saves from men who are chasing her but happily doesn’t bother to ask why they are after her. His uncle (Radha Ravi) is a producer who has invited director Narathan (Premgi Amaren) for a narration. As Narathan narrates his story, we realise that the same events are happening at the same time in Vishnu’s life as well. The director spends the entire first half making almost every character run behind one another. Vishnu and Maya are chased by goons. They are also chased by his uncle’s underlings — a trio of fools, led by MS Bhaskar.

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